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Classenti CDP1

Item number: 100000004187
Bought new £700, barely played. Happy to arrange delivery, please let me know your address and we'll discuss the price - I frequently travel to Scotland, around the North West and the South of England. I am selling as I need to focus on my violin for the next few years. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Large Classenti-CDP1
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Price: £500.00
Date: 09/09/2015
Postage costs: please contact me
Item location(where you live): Stockport
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Member:since 09/09/2015 in United Kingdom
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Item Specifics
Condition: NEW

Classenti CDP1 Features:

  • 88 Full Size, Fully Weighted Piano Keys
  • Represents the full 7¼ octave range of an upright or grand piano. The keys are exactly the same size as a real piano.
  • Touch Sensitive Key. The harder you strike the key, the louder it sounds. Gives added expression to your music.
  • Touch Sensitivity Levels: 4. This allows you to play each note at 4 different volume levels (p, mp, mf, f).
  • Graded Hammer Action Keyboard. With heavier key weighting in the bass, getting progressively lighter as you go up the keyboard. This mimics the exact feel of an upright or grand piano.
  • 8 Instrumental Voices. (In addition, each voice can be combined with another. This creates a total of 15 different sounds). They are Piano 1, Piano 2 (Brighter sound. Good for jazz), Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Harpsichord, Organ, Strings and Vibraphone.
  • Built-in Speakers - 2 x 15 watts – that’s 30 watts stereo amplification!
  • Record and Play Back - This feature allows you to record your own music. All you need to do is press the ‘record’ button and start playing. When you’ve finished playing, press the ‘play’ button and it will play back your song. The recording feature is also compatible with PC music file formats. In other words, you can record yourself in a file format that can then be transferred to other media (CDs, MP3 etc.)
  • Built-in Metronome - No need to buy one, it's built-in. Essential for learning how to play in time. You can adjust the speed to suit the music you are playing.
  • Voltage Adjustment - The Classenti CDP1 has a built-in transformer which allows you to use the piano in any Country. It automatically adjusts to your Country's voltage!
  • AC mains adaptor with UK plug included.
  • 3 Pedals: Sustain, Soft and Sostenuto
  • Sustain pedal. This is the pedal on the right. On upright pianos it is sometimes referred to as a ‘damper pedal’. This pedal allows you to sustain any note, or notes, without having to hold the key down.
  • Soft pedal. This is the pedal on the left. Pressing this down makes the sound a lot quieter. It’s very useful when you’re required to play something very delicate.
  • Sostenuto pedal. This pedal is in the middle. Used mainly by experienced pianists. The sostenuto pedal sustains only notes that are depressed at the time the pedal is depressed. 
  • More proficient players use it when a note, or notes need to be sustained without being disturbed when the right pedal comes into play.
  • Key Weight Control - Prefer a heavier or lighter touch? No problem, just use the key weight control button to select from three settings: Standard, heavy and light. The piano’s default setting is standard. The keys remain touch sensitive on all settings.
  • 2 x Headphone jacks to connect headphones. Two players can play with headphones at the same time.
  • 64 Note Polyphony - This allows you to play up to 64 notes simultaneously (I know you only have 10 fingers, but this includes notes held down by the pedal).
  • MIDI In/Out - You can connect to your computer and other MIDI compatible hardware. Allows interaction with piano tuition PC software, and music notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, NotationComposer, MagicScore, MusicTime, QuickScore and many more. If you're into composing them the MIDI In/Out is a must.
  • AUX In (also known as 'Line in' or 'audio in') - The Aux-in (or auxiliary-in) allows you to connect external music sources (with RCA outputs) such as your PDA or MP3 player.
  • AUX Out (also known as 'Line out' or 'audio out') - If you want to give a live performance, connect your Classenti piano to your hi-fi system through the AUX-out (or auxiliary-out).
  • Transpose - Change your piano’s pitch to play along with other instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, etc. Or make some musical pieces more comfortable for singers.
  • Reverb - This produces a slight echo on each note to mimic the sound a grand piano makes in a concert hall. 
  • Dual Voice With Layer Balance - Choose any two sounds and merge them together. A very nice combination is piano combined with strings.
  • Master Volume Switch - You can turn the sound right down for late night playing, or up to its maximum for loud performances.
  • Power Switch - You can turn your piano on or off without having to reach for the mains socket.
  • More Features:
  • 8 demo songs
  • 32 practice songs
  • 1 track sequencer. Approximately 5,000 notes
  • Headphone jack to connect your headphones
  • Simple to use, sleek, black control panel. You can select any sound/function at the press of a button

Large Classenti CDP1

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Large Classenti-CDP1